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March 2021 Report - Cash is Trash, Bond is Trashier and my Portfolio got Trashed 😰

Yep "Cash is trash", in case you haven't heard, Money is being printed like there's no tomorrow, so in the near future your cash will have lesser purchasing power due to inflation. Inflation is inevitable and it is a necessary evil to drive up the economy, so most nations try to control it at around 2%. But what gets people worried is the fact that the Feds are printing more and more money and putting it into the circulation, which may cause inflation to go up significantly in the near future. That's why Ray Dalio says " Cash is Trash" Simulation of $1 invested in various asset class So I hope everyone understand why it is important to stay invested, and not hold too much cash. Please don't leave it to rot in the Bank and think it is safe, you are losing the value of your money every year. And don't just jump into any product that banker pushes, do your own due diligence. Most bankers have quota to hit and commission to earn, what makes you think

How a Youtube video saved my Marriage - Gottman's Four Horsemen

 This post is going to be slightly different than the other finance-related content. This will be a part of the Sense series.  This is about how I did not even realise that my relationship has been on the rocks for months (years?). The only clue? Wife has been very short tempered towards me recently, and every single mistakes made, or answers not to her satisfaction will end up with me getting scolded. It was very taxing mentally as I have to tread around carefully in her presence, to the point that I would rather limit our interaction when possible because I keep thinking this is just a phase that will blow over, kinda like PMS? As it turns out, I was dead wrong and we ended up having a confrontation. Personally, I have always put a lot of emphasis on the mastery of self; Both mentally and physically. Only by operating at my best mental and physical capacity, will I be able to achieve the best result on my quality of life and to the people I care about. Over the years, I am able to ma

February 2021 Report - Bye bye Profit

My Reaction to Long term Bond yield spiking to 1.6%  (Btw, RIP Ng Man Tat) February started off strong, after ending January slightly underwater, the S&P500 index climbed higher and higher inching closer to 4000 level. before correcting and going back down to the 50 Moving Average Support.  The appointed culprit this time? The sudden spike in Long term bond Yield up to 1.6%. So the story goes that money might be moving back in bond resulting in drop in stock prices as can be seen in the last few days of February trading days (see those 2 big red candles). So should you listen to the news? Those analyst suddenly coming out in droves saying "OH NO! BIG MONEY IS MOVING OUT OF STOCK MARKET! SELL SELL! MONEY ROTATION!" Remember one of the rules I was taught? DO NOT LISTEN TO NEWS! I saw the countless news articles on this Spiking of bond yields and radio talking about how this is causing the stock market to drop. I got excited because I know the market is going to overreact a

January 2021 Report - My πŸ’ŽπŸ™ŒπŸ» gets me Tendies! To the MOONπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  January has been a weird month I've decided to follow WallStreetBets reddit and went YOLO on Gamestop together with the Apes and Retards on WSB. Just kidding, by the time i heard of GME, the price has shot up to $200, peaked at $483 and $90 by the end of January. I am rooting for those Apes & Retards (that's what they call themselves)  on WSB, hope GME do fly and they make their money. I am not joining though, my fragile heart can't take the roller coaster ride. What was worrying is that quite a number of newbie investor YOLO-ed their live savings in near the peak, even taking loans/ credits in the hope of getting rich quick, like this poor guy. If you are new to the stock market, please please don't buy stocks just because of hype or someone told you it is good, even if that guy works in the finance industry and seems to know his stuff! Do your own DUE DILLIGENCE, and RISK MANAGEMENT . Diversify your portfolio, position size, and limit your risk. If you want to s

Q4, 2020 End of Year Report - What a shitty year it has been! Or isit?

What a Year 2020 has been, to say it sucks is an understatement. The disruption, lockdown, salary cuts, job losses. On the other spectrum we have booming eCommerce, logistic industries, etc. etc. In the Investment land, this year has been a black swan event where the US market experience the shortest and sharpest Bear market in History with the sharp plunge back in March, before the Bull took over and the Strong rally continues well into the end of the year.  As mentioned in  December Report , I close the year with +30.1% as compared to +32.7% S&P500 (measured from the time i started investing). I did not use the actual YTD of the index (+16.26%) because that would give me unfair advantage, and hey I could use the challenge. Although I ended up losing by 2.6% πŸ˜…. The US Market in 2020 All the 3 major US indexes, S&P500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq closes the year at a NEW ALL TIME HIGH. Nasdaq which is tech heavy and has 40% weightage in Big Pandemic stocks winner like MAGAF (Micros