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Investing is NOT GAMBLING

Apologies, i know this is long overdue, I've promised I will explain why index will always go up, that was 2 months ago. I finally got around to do it. A lot of people (my wife included) has the common misconception that investing in the stock market is no difference than gambling. We hear plenty of horror stories where people wiped out their entire life savings in the stock market. They are not entirely wrong, and those stories are true. MOST retail investors lose money in the stock market. So why am I so convinced that, when DONE RIGHT, investing IS NOT gambling? Because I’ve learnt and seen the data, the statistics that goes back for decades to justify investing. As I have mentioned all over my previous posts-> Link , One of the easiest and ‘safest’ way to invest while enjoying a decent return of about 8% on average is to dollar cost average into index fund (ETF) for the long term (10 years-20 years) Huh, what is ETF?  Didn’t your read my previous post?  Fine go back he

October 2020 Report Part 2!

Me now as I write this Continuing from  part 1 So did i exit at A, B or C? Those thoughts cross my mind definitely, But I ended up doing neither of those. Why? because of  THIS And Boy, am I glad I stuck to my teachings! As the retail investors started panicking, I started going on a shopping spree again, adding more positions into AMZN, FB, MA, and setup some bullish options play for long term. It helps alot being part of investing community with like minded people, they help to alert me of good bargain, and all of us went on shopping spree! Seems risky? It isn't! the fundamental of the companies doesn't change overnight just because the election is coming. If it is a good company before the election, chances are it will still be a good company after the election. You may argue about change in Govt policies etc. Maybe those will affect some companies, but definitely not overnight, and companies with wide moat will tend to survive anyway.  I know this sounds cliched and overuse

October 2020 Report - My profits got wiped out.. AGAIN!

My Portfolio by end Oct 2020 Yup it happened again, just like September, my portfolio got slammed as the month come to a close. Of course this is due to the coming US election held on 2nd November. October 2020 Performance After the beatdown back in September, October started quite bullish with my portfolio constantly beating the index peaking at almost 10% return, then like everything in life, shit happens, the panic sell off started as we draw closer to US election date, pulling my portfolio down together and close at -6.51% 😱. Taking a closer look Value Stocks: -8.63% vs -2.77% (S&P500) Value stocks started pretty strongly as I try to claw back my losses in September by combining options play on the value stocks that I have, mostly calendar spreads on AAPL and MSFT. This proof reasonably effective as I am able to leverage my position and getting more returns and beating the index effortlessly. However, it all came crashing down on the last week of October. Remember I said Optio

Q3 2020 Report - Managing $$ Myself is the BEST!

Bloody hell, this is the second time I am rewriting this Quarterly report, due to some misclicks. the whole draft got deleted. It auto-saved and there was no way to undo. 😭  Lucky for you I have no more mood to ramble endlessly and we'll just go straight to the point. Anyway in case you are new here. Quarterly report is meant to track the performance of the different investment strategies / asset class that I have picked up to try and determine which is the better one for me. More explanation can be found here 👉👉 Different investing strategies  (scroll down to the 2nd half)  Now if you recall, back in my Q2 report (which was in my Facebook messy Notes). My self-managed portfolio was the worst performer to date, being the only one in the red compared to others. Sooo, after days of tidying up my excel table and wrangling with line graphs. I can finally present to you Q3 to date performance benchmarked against S&P500 index! YTD performance of the different strategies Compositio

What MUST we invest in? How to Invest??

  Just like religion, there are a lot of different beliefs and schools of thoughts when it comes to investment. Some believe in Equity, others in Government bonds, some swear by property, cryptocurrency, etc. etc. And even within those school of thoughts, there are countless sub-categories to each of them. For instance, Equity. some believe in picking stocks, some in ETF, then there are method to it, some believe in day trading, long term investing, fundamental analysis, technical analysis. Then for property there are industrial property, residential property,.etc. See what I mean? So many, how can we tell what is the one TRUE 'Religion' in investing. And the answer is, just like religion, you will have to explore and experience them yourself in order to find one that suits your style, your risk appetite.  Ok that's that! run along now and go splurge your money on whatever you think is good. Good luck out there. Yeah, I am not so evil to my readers, see the thing is, there

September 2020 Report - My profits got wiped out

How September Market went As expected the pullback happened and September 2020 Has been quite a ride,  S&P500 Closed September at close to -4% S&P500 as of 2/10/2020 After making an all time high on 2nd September, the whole market started nose diving, and  bounce around before eventually breaking below the MA50. It then found support near 3200 before going back up. We did managed to close above MA50 by end of Sept, which means the correction may be over. And then Trump kena COVID (2nd Oct) and the whole market over-react and took a dip below MA50 again. September 2020 Performance See what I mean when I said the market has been very choppy  for me?  Value Stocks: -5.62% vs -3.91% (S&P500) After clocking best performance so far in August, my value stocks dip much further than index, losing as much as -14%. Although it has been somewhat frustrating to see the profits fly away, I got excited with some stocks going way below their fair value, giving me opportunity to load up mor